take me to the sea. (_shaomao_) wrote in wickedchicago,
take me to the sea.

New here and need help!

We are thinking of going to see Wicked for our first time tonight (if we can get tickets).
I have been reading about this lottery thing, but I don't really get how it works... also, how bad are the seats up in the upper balcony?

I have been to many many many NYC shows and have always sat up top and never had a problem with seeing, but I would like some imput if we should just try for the lottery and if we don't win go for the upper balcony.

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While the upper balcony seats aren't horrible, they are kind of a limited view. I would try for cancellation line or lottery first.
for the lottery, do you have to be present when the names are drawn? or do they call you??
I've never done it myself (though I've had friends do it) and I believe you need to be there.