take me to the sea. (_shaomao_) wrote in wickedchicago,
take me to the sea.

lottery ?

How many names do they normally draw??? My boyfriend went and put my name in for the drawing for the 8pm show tonight...so my fingers are crossed!

He put my name in around 1pm central time and the noon drawing had already been done!
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10 names = 20 seats. But... usually the drawing is for the *next* show? Meaning the drawing that happened around noon-ish is for the 2pm show and the drawing that will happen later this afternoon is for the 8pm? They may have discarded the name.
Yes we put our names in for the 8 pm show. He put our name in around 1pmish so we have to go back at 6 for the drawing.
Okay. Make sure you ask the lotto people or whoever if they kept in tickets from earlier, though, and if you should put your names in again.

And good luck! :)
He said the lady told him to fill out the form, drop it in the hat and then come back at 6...

I think we might go a little earlier so I can fill one out in his name just in case too.
Good luck to both of you!
Thanks! If we win, this will be our first time seeing the show! It is sooooo cold outside so I am crossing my fingers extra tight that we don't make a trip downtown for nothing!!!
Yes, there are 20 seats, so it's usually around 10, but some people only get one ticket, so there may be more.

But don't put your name in twice. I went once and a woman put hers in twice and was drawn twice, so she had to give up her tickets.
well i was thinking of putting HIS name on a ticket, since he put mine in on the first one...but yeah i was nervous about re entering a new ticket with my name on it again. I am pretty sure the one he put in with my name on it at 1 is going to count for the 8 pm show!

If we win this will be our first time seeing wicked!